Submission types

There are two types (called "Tracks") of submissions.

  1. A normal conference abstract
  2. A submission for the Statistical Shape Model Challenge

Conference Abstract

A standard conference abstract. First, a short summary has to be submitted. The full 1-page abstract is handed in later, after acceptance.


  1. Apr-01: 1000 character summary submission.
  2. Apr-15: Notification of acceptance.
  3. May-01: Final ("camera-ready") 1-page abstract submitted.
  4. Jun-11/13: Authors present their work (oral/poster)

SSM Challenge

People who are participating in the SSM Challenge have to submit a short summary describing their method and later add a final 1-page abstract.


  1. Mar-01: SSM Challenge opens.C:\Users\Michael Kistler\SiCAS\workspace\shape-2014-web\template\README.html C:\Users\Michael Kistler\SiCAS\workspace\shape-2014-web\template\
  2. Apr-22: 1000 character SSM summary submission.
  3. May-31: Final ("camera-ready") 1-page abstract & shape-model result submission.
  4. Jun-11: Challenge participants present their methods briefly in the challenge session.

Submission procedure

  1. Register and follow the submission procedure on the Shape submission website.
  2. For the summary, paste an unformatted text into the textarea on the submission website labeled "abstract" and add the summary as PDF.
  3. Don't forget to add the presenting author and accept the agreement.

Camera Ready Paper Submission

  1. Download and use the official template from the Shape website.
  2. Save your 1 Page paper as PDF.
  3. Open Shape conference management website, login and you should see your Author's submission page
  4. Add or edit the PDF in the Camera Ready | Presentation section
  5. Follow the wizard. Title and Abstract can contain the same information as the initial submission and is only used for completness. Important is your PDF which you upload in step 3 File Upload. Make sure the file is in the Uploaded Files list


Use the .doc template for the abstract.

Alternative: For people without the "Bookman Old Style" font and/or without MS Word: Install the fonts included (TexGyre Bonum) and use it with the .odt template.


Download template from the shape website